Planning Center Online Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Planning Center Online Login:



Steps needed in order to access the Planning Center Online Login:

1. Open the following link by adding it to your address bar of your preferred internet browser: You may choose to use copy and paste or simply clicking on the link as it's provided there.

2. Enter your email address that is associated with the account you are accessing into the field provided.

3. Enter the password that corresponds with the email address that you entered for your account in step one.

4. Select the go button under the login fields by clicking on it. 





If you are experiencing problems with your Planning Center Online Login information, follow these steps.

If you have forgotten the email for your Planning Center Online Login, read the following notation:

NOTE: At this time, there is not a method for recovering your email address for your Planning Center Login. You will need to look at the contact portion in this article and reach out to one of their support team members.

If you have forgotten the password for your Planning Center Online Login, follow these steps:

1. Select the highlighted text asking if you have forgotten your password.

2. Enter your password into the field provided that requires the password to be entered.

3. Click the button for password reset. You will receive tailored instruction to your email address provided regarding your account.

4. After you have reset your password for your Planning Center Online Login, refer back to the video above or step one of the login processes as stated in this article.




If you are in need of further information, here is the contact information that was found provided for the Planning Center Online Login. Read the following note.

NOTE: Contact either the individual with whom you created the account with, or you will need to click the support topic then choose which type of help from the dropdown menu to start an online conversation with the technical support team from the link provided here:


Your process for the Planning Center Online Login should be a whole lot smoother now. This site is always being updated with information as things change. Bookmark us for future reference so that you stay updated with all of the right information at all times.